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We love calling Surfside/ Potrero, Costa Rica our home!    It's amazing that's its been 9 years since our move but even more amazing to feel the warm acceptance in our community.  Our lives continue to be enriched with new friends from all over the world and we still pinch ourselves on a regular basis that the tiki bar dream became our reality.  No doubt that there have been ups and downs along the way but happy to say the ups far exceed the downs. 

We are asked often about the reasons and logistics of moving from our comfortable, wonderful world in NC to CR,  so here's a glimpse of our story. 


  We moved from Greenville, NC  (home of the East Carolina University Pirates, Arrrgh) with an undaunted spirit to successfully transition into a new culture and mind set.  It all started with Chip wanting to own a tiki bar somewhere tropical.  Chip had been to CR once, me, never.  After listening to him talk about the tiki bar way too much, I called him out on it and said, "we have to try this or we're never to speak of it ever again".  

We got serious about the move, told our boys ( in the photo) and made an  exploratory trip in October 2014.  We travelled all over Costa Rica and once we discovered Playa Flamingo, we knew immediately this is where we wanted to be.   Via some gringo regulars hanging out at the old Mariner Inn, they were kind enough to answer all of our questions and told us about Surfside/ Potrero.  Because of them, we found the rental house where are lives began in CR.  

We landed in Costa Rica August 15, 2015, our 28th wedding anniversary!    Our dream/bucket list item of living in a tropical foreign country became a reality after years of research, planning, selling our home, cars and chunking way too much accumulated junk.  

We successfully reduced our belongings down to 10 x 20 storage unit, resigned from our careers and booked our flights! 

(well, I'm making it sound easier than it was but you get the point)


After 3 months of sitting on the beach, watching sunsets and drinking beer, generating an income became a prority in order for us to stay.    We hired an attorney to start the residency process and shortly after that, we bought and a home that needed a complete renovation.  As fate would have it, we found out that Flamingo Casa Miramar was owned by friends in Greenville, NC and that resulted in the creation of  THEN, on a Sunday Funday with friends in 2019 ( right before Covid), we got the crazy notion to open Amigos Tacos Y Beer!  


Phew... who knew that the simple dream to own a tiki bar in Costa Rica would result in all of this, BUT, we have no regrets!  

We're happy to answer your questions and help you to enjoy the area as much as we do.  We book tours, shuttles and share our recommendations for restaurants & activities.  Also, if you're looking to  buy real estate, we can help with that too.  Chip is a licensed real estate agent and prefers to be a buyer's agent.  We can assist in making your dreams come true.  

If you're interested in rental property, go to  

The best part of owning RENTAGOLFCARTCOSTARICA.COM, Amigos Tacos Y Beer and www.primepropertiescostarica is meeting new people and making new friends from all over the world. We look forward to meeting you. 

Cheers!  Have fun and we sincerely appreciate your business!

Chip and Jenn


   August 15, 2015

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