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In case you haven't noticed per the ECU purple and gold color scheme, we're avid East Carolina University Pirate fans!  We bleed purple and gold.  

This crazy dream of owning a tiki bar somewhere tropical miraculously became reality in 2015.  It wasn't easy and require a lot of research, persistence, prayers and pure determination.  We did it and have no regrets!  We're often asked how and why so here's a timeline of our journey... 

Our story....

2009- At our second son's  All-star baseball tournament in Fernandino Beach, Fla we were out to dinner with other parents/ friends at restaurant/bar on the beach eating fried pickles when Chip said to everyone at the table... "we should sell everything, move some where tropical and open a tiki bar on the beach".    We all laughed, especially coming from Chip as he grew up in Greenville, attended ECU and had never lived anywhere else.   

2009- 2013- Chip continued to talk about the Tiki bar on the beach somewhere tropical.

Sometime in 2013-  Jennifer said to Chip... " i'm not going to listen to this dream anymore... we have to try it or you're never to speak of it ever again.

Jan 2014- We visited Placencia, Belize.  Liked it but didn't love it and didn't see how we could make an income.

June 2014- We attended an International Living conference in Mexico and met expats in the exhibit hall that were living in Matapalo, Costa Rica.  We stayed in touch with many of the presenters at the conference and picked their brains about moving and living in Costa Rica

October 2014- We flew into San Jose, rented a car and visited Jaco, Puntarenas and other beach towns on our way to Matapalo/ Tamarindo areas.  While at the gas station in Villa Real near Tamarindo, a total stranger, Rick from California, offered information about the surrounding towns and told us we should consider Flamingo and Potrero. After touring Tamarindo we took Rick's advice and drove to Flamingo.  Rick said, "drive over the little bridge and before you get to one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, stop at the Mariner Inn and meet some guys that have been around a long time and they will help you out".  Rick was spot on about everything he told us and we did stop to meet the expats at the Mariner Inn before discovering Playa Flamingo.  It was a life changing moment as we approached the beach and instantly realized this is where we wanted to be.  

Dec 2014- Chip came back to Playa Coco and Potrero to look at the possibility of buying an existing restaurant and converting it into a tiki bar.  Chip also found a rental property in Surfside and commited to start the rental in June. 

Jan 2015- We decided to put our house on the market... it's all getting real and word is getting out to friends and employers that we're moving to Belize. 

Nope, Costa Rica!  We resigned from careers and got real serious about packing and moving.  

Between Jan- June 2015- we sold our home and reduced our belongings down to a 10x20 storage unit.  We sold a bunch of stuff but of course we still have our season tickets to ECU football, baseball and basketball!  Priorites right!?  

August 15, 2015- With the support of our boys, Trey and Johnson, our journey began as we moved to Costa Rica!  On our wedding anniversary!,  It's been a life changing move with no regrets!  We've learned a lot and need to learn more ( especially speaking spanish) but without a doubt, the pros of living in CR far exceed the cons!   A good friend (fellow Gringo) said to us... " If  you can't adjust to Costa Rica, it's not going to adjust to you".   Best advice ever and we have to keep saying this to ourselves to keep our sanity.  

The original dream of Chip owning a tiki bar and chilling on the beach has evolved into the business, booking tours, creating and opening Amigos Tacos Y Beer restaurant with awesome friends and managing properties in Flamingo and Potrero/Surfside. 

We live a much simpler lifestyle and appreciate each day of living out a dream that we really never thought possible.  Unfortunately, the tiki bar on the beach didn't work out as we hoped but we bought a house and built a tiki bar in our back yard to check that off of the list.  Cheers! 

Today- Renting golf carts, running Amigos Tacos Y Beer ( best tex mex in town), & managing rental properties!  Still living the dream and no regrets!

One of the best aspects of living in CR and owning, Amigos Tacos Y Beers and managing properties is the opportunity it presents to us to meet people from all over the world and host friends and family to show off our little slice of paradise!  

We look forward to meeting you!  


Never gets old! 

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