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We moved from Greenville, NC  (home of the East Carolina University Pirates, Arrrgh) with an undaunted spirit to successfully transition into a new culture and mind set.


We landed in Costa Rica August 15, 2015, our 28th wedding anniversary!  Cheers to us.  Our dream/bucket list item of living in a tropical foreign country became a reality after years of research, planning, selling our home, cars and chunking way too much accumulated junk.  

We successfully reduced our belongings down to 10 x 20 storage unit, resigned from our careers and booked our flights! 

(well, I'm making it sound easier than it was but you get the point)


Our original plan/dream was to own and operate a tiki bar on the beach (more Chip's dream) but for a variety of reasons that didn't work out so once we got here and made new friends and contacts, we found out about Rentagolfcartcostarica.com.  We built a Tiki Bar in our backyard to check that off the list and love spending time, mixing drinks and watching TV in our "Little slice of paradise".  Come on by! 


We love our new home, new minimalistic lifestyle, new perspectives on life, new golf cart business and thoroughly enjoy sharing our experience with friends and family. 

The very handsome and cool kids in the picture are our amazing boys and our future daughter in law.  Trey, Haley and Johnson.  We're so very grateful to them for their approval, support and encouragement that made this life changing dream a reality.  We're truly blessed!


We love and appreciate excellent customer service so we want you to be the recipient of our efforts to make your golf cart rental an easy and fun filled experience.   

We're happy to answer your questions and help you to enjoy the area as much as we do.  We book tours and if you're looking to buy real estate, we can help with that too.. . TeamLittle@kwcostarica.com.  

The best part of owning and operating RENTAGOLFCARTCOSTARICA.COM is meeting people from all over the world. We look forward to meeting you. 

June 21, 2019 update:

With some awesome friends, we are now the proud owners of Amigos Tacos y Beer fast casual restaurant in Flamingo.   Stop by for Tacos, burritos, craft beers & the BAM!  Big Ass Margaritas!  Best in town!

It's the only restaurant in the area where you don't have to wait and ask for your check!  Great tex mex flavors!  Open for lunch and dinner!

Cheers!  Have fun and we sincerely thank you for your business!

Chip and Jenn

This....Just doesn't suck! 

   August 15, 2015

Come see us at Amigos Tacos Y Beer Restaurant in Flamingo