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​       Driver Requirements:

  •  Driver must be 21 years of age or older AND while operating the cart the driver MUST (Costa Rica law) drive with his/her driver's license AND a copy of his/her passport picture and stamped page. (we will help you get a copy).  If possible, please make a photo copy of your passport picture page and bring it with you. 

  • is not responsible for traffic fine (approx. $250) or time lost (possibly 3 days) to repossess confiscated tags.  In addition to the traffic fine, an additional $150.00 fine will be charged to client by for administrative cost to repossess tags.  


  • All carts seat & limited to 4 passengers!   

  • The carts are street legal, just like a rental car, so same rules apply!

  • For your safety, the cart speed does not exceed 20mph. 

  • One Day Rental = 24 Hours

  • Carts are delivered with full tanks of gas. We settle up on gas used at pick up.  

  • Some of the rental houses and condos are located on very steep hills and driveways so please keep in mind that the carts are not 4 wheel drive or built to handle/climb some of these hills. ( it's optional if you want to tell me your weight because rest assured, I'm not asking!) 

  • When making your reservation please provide the name and or location of the place where you are staying and I'll be able to let you know if the cart will be able to handle the hills. 

  • Between December 1st to April 30th-  3 day minimum rentals only. 

  • Please email Jennifer at with any questions. 

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